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2020 International Conference on Global Migration and Talent Mobility

2020-06-12 (Beijing)

Embracing Innovation in Migration Governance

New Narratives, Systems, and the Promise of Enhanced Governance

2020 International Conference on Global Migration and Talent Mobility

We are witnessing the emergence of knowledge-based economies worldwide. At the same time, the considerable efforts that have been made to achieve economic and technological progress are overshadowed by new economic tensions and the rise of populist movements. There has been an increase in the number of people moving across borders, and the new tensions and conflicts the world is experiencing might result in new trends of migration and mobility. Hence, there is a great need to continue and exemplify discussions on better and enhanced forms of international cooperation, as well as to innovate migration governance globally.

In partnership with Metropolis China, Metropolis Asia community and other international partners, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) will hold its fourth International Conference on Global Migration and Talent Mobility in Beijing, China, on June 12-14, 2020.

This conference will bring together leading and emerging scholars, experts and practitioners to discuss the new trends in global mobility and migration, innovative approaches to manage mobility flows, and enhanced governance systems of international migration and mobility. It builds up on the success of the previous years, and again more than 300 participants and speakers from academia, government, local and international organizations, and business entities will be expected to participate.

The 2020 International Conference on Global Migration and Talent Mobility will feature 4 plenary sessions and 12 workshops. It will particularly focus on global talent flows, and the need to advance and innovate the governance of international migration. At meantime, CCG is pleased to invite all conference participants to take part in the official launch of a new international organization on global talent governance– an ambitious but very timely and much needed project which is based on CCG’s successful proposal to the Paris Peace Forum and which has already received widespread support from many international and national partners.


Call for Workshop and Individual Paper Proposals

The 2020 International Conference on Global Migration and Talent Mobility Committee invites the submission of workshop proposals and individual papers for consideration. Proposals should clearly address the overarching theme:Embracing Innovation in Migration Governance: New Systems and Narratives, and the Promise of Enhanced Governance.

Proposals should in particular aim to address directly one of the twelve conference themes below (However, the themes are not necessary to be the final topic of each workshop, Conference Committee will modify the topics depend on the review results of submitted proposals).

1. New trends of international migration and talent mobility

2. New developments of global migration governance

3. Global competition for high-skilled migration

4. Asian migration and its relevance to the world

5. The BRI and Beyond: exploring a new nexus of infrastructure, migration and international cooperation mechanism

6. Transnational migration: considering China (overseas Chinese and returnees)

7. International Tourism in the Digital Era: the application of technologies for travel facilitation

8. The interplay between migration, urbanization and economic development

9. Entrepreneurial talents and new innovation ecosystems

10. International migration services: efforts from governments, corporations and non-profits

11. The highly-skilled, citizenship and visa systems: changing patterns for the integration of global talents

12. International migration law

In addition to these topics, and on the basis of a case-by-case approach, the Conference Committee will also consider proposals on other topics as soon as they are related to the overarching conference theme.

Workshop presentations at the conferences are key for knowledge and insights exchange. They can take the form of traditional paper presentations, more interactive panel discussions, roundtables, or other formats. Workshops are required to allow ample time and opportunities for discussion and debate following speakers’ presentations. Workshops, which run to 90 minutes, typically include a maximum of four speakers (contributions of 10-15 minutes each). Workshop proposals including presenters from different countries and sectors (i.e. academia, community organizations, government or businesses) are strongly encouraged. Workshop proposals should be submitted by one individual, the workshop convener, who agrees to coordinate the workshop and all presentations if the workshop is accepted by the Committee.

Individuals interested in submitting a proposal for an individual presentation, or people interested in convening a workshop, can visit conference’s official website (www.metropolischina.org) for submitting. They are required to provide the Academic Conference Committee with an abstract of no more than two pages, clearly indicating the topic of the presentation and its main arguments. They also need to provide a short CV/resume and list of their previous publications and conference presentations.

How will the selection be made?

Individual and workshop proposals will be assessed by the Academic Conference Committee, based on the following criteria:

- Full application according to the submission guidelines;

- Credentials and experience of the individual presenter/the workshop convener;

- Adequacy of available experience and knowledge on the topic allowing exploration of the proposed issues in sufficient details and with reference to concrete examples;

- Complementarity of the topic with other accepted workshop proposals and papers, to allow for a diverse and well-balanced program.

Timeline & Deadline

Workshop proposals due: February 15, 2020

Individual paper proposals due: March 15, 2020

Registration for all participants opens: March 25, 2020

Notification of acceptance of individual papers/workshop proposals by: April 5, 2020

Full paper submission by: April 30, 2020

Full conference program announced by: May 15, 2020

Registration for all participants closes: June 1, 2020

Practical Information

- Attendees are expected to cover their own travel costs;

- Registration for participates will be reviewed on a rolling basis, the applicant will receive a confirmation of approval within 7 days;

- The Conference will be held in Chinese and English with simultaneous interpretation (Chinese & English) during plenary sessions;

- This communication provides general information only and the information transmitted may be subject to change at any time without notice.

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