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2020 International Metropolis Conference

2020-06-12 (Beijing)

2020 International Metropolis Conference

New Narratives on Global Migration: Open, Fair and Sustainable Development

Time:  June 16-20, 2020

Location:  Beijing, China

Organization: Center for China and Globalization & International Metropolis Projects

Center for China and Globalization (CCG) will host the 2020 International Metropolis Conference in Beijing which marks the first time the conference is being held in China.

The International Metropolis Conference is an annual conference organized by the International Metropolis Project, where experts from around the world specializing in talent mobility, global governance, urbanization, and technological innovation converge engage in policy discussions and formulate policy proposals.

Lasting four days, the conference involves 60-80 activities of various kinds such as panel discussions, workshops, and cultural exhibitions, attracting 600-800 experts from governments, academia, and international organizations every year. Ever since the event was launched in 1996, it has been held in major global cities such as Milan, Bonn, Washington DC, The Hague, Nagoya, and Sydney.

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Website: www.metropolischina.org

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