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The 3rd Seminar on Global Talent Mobility and International Migration


2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. After 70 years of construction and development, the management of immigration affairs in China has been established and developed by leaps and bounds. At the same time, the international community has gradually established and formed a modern global migration governance system for sovereign states, international organizations, the private sector and even individuals in constant practice. As an integral part of the world, China's own immigration governance system is constantly innovating and developing in its comprehensive communication with the world. The practice of multi-immigration governance in the international community has provided China with experience in service management. China's innovative measures to promote the flow of talents and safeguard the prosperity and development of multi-ethnic border areas have also added Chinese wisdom to the world.

At present, the world is facing unprecedented changes. In the competition between globalization and anti-globalization forces, it is self-evident that the world and China are facing the same multiple challenges. In the past "two sessions", the government report stressed that we should "gather and make good use of all kinds of talents", lay the foundation for China's innovation and development, and make contributions to the progress of human civilization. How to deepen the world's understanding of open China and promote China's integration into the open world through migration and exchanges is the direction of joint efforts between the world and Chinese academics, policy makers and practitioners.

To this end, CCG will hold the Third Conference on Global Talent Mobility and International Migration in Beijing on July 13-14. The conference will stick to 70 years journey, focused on the world trend of 70 years, China international migrants and policy evolution, from the perspective of global talent and immigration service management innovation, development and prosperity of cross-border ethnic groups and border areas, tourism and construction of China's foreign words in China, overseas Chinese and area construction. The Conference will invite top scholars of international migration and global talent flow from home and abroad, relevant state organs and international organizations to participate, in order to provide global vision for China, Chinese wisdom for the world.

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