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Advisory Council

Gao Min

(Executive Council Member)

Nancy Ko

President, Hempel International Group

As President of HempelInternational Group, devoting to turning traditional industry of processing & manufacturing to collaborative service platform of whole supply chain of women’s dress.

Founded ARRCTO, the very first large multiple-brand integrated store in China in 2007 after finishing her study abroad.

Expanded the business by cooperating with international fashion designers and founded ARRTCO Collection in 2008.

Took over the retail section of the Group in 2010.

Managed overall the Group business and established the incubation base for E-commerce brands based on supply chain in 2011

Initiated and established the supply chain service platform for women dress industry in 2014.

Started the production line for order of one piece and set up the C2M service system first in fashion business in 2015.

Since 2016, through the establishment of huberbuy, a platform with intelligent manufacturing as the core, and anchored on the belief of providing a total solution covering complete production life cycle, thorough supply chains and full elements in fashion industry. The platform has industry and intelligent manufacturing elements serve as the ballast. Fashion trend and cultural elements will serve as the upper layer booster empowering the upgrade and transformation of medium and small fashion companies.

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