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Duan Suhan

(Executive Council Member)

Duan Suhan, Managing partner of Shenzhen Share Capital Co., Ltd.

Ms. Duan Suhan has held various positions such as national civil servant, Administrative Director
of Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry, Vice President of Shenzhen Tongchuang
Venture Capital and the Vice President of Shenzhen Southern Galaxy Valley Co.

Currently, Ms. Duan is the Managing partner of Shenzhen Share Capital, Committee Member of
Shenzhen Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Deputy Director of the Youth Committee of the
Shenzhen Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Council Member of Shenzhen Cibang
Elderly Charity Development Foundation.

Ms. Duan is passionate in contributing to the society, regardless of doing volunteering work or
funding charity organization. She hope to spread warmth and positivity in the society.

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