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Michael Kuan

(Vice Chair)
Mr. Michael Kuan is the founder and chairman of Kuan Capital. Kuan Capital is an investment and
asset management company that invests in cross-border, interdisciplinary, and future generations of
companies, technology and talent. Headquartered in Shanghai and with branches in Israel and the
United States. His investment career began in Silicon Valley, USA in 1986, and began investing in
Chinese companies in 1993. His investments include World Trade and Data, Quantech Telectronics,
China.com, Sina.com, Dawn Network, Cybercity, China Cable Networks, Shanghai Technology Park,
Crown Bio, Hippo Animation, Guanghua Education, Redbird Capital, Bold Capital and Singularity.
University (Singularity University) and so on. Mr. Guan has co-founded Cyber Capital, Sieg Capital,
and is a partner of Jiyuan Capital.
Mr. Michael Kuan is a global consultant to TEDx Global and serves on the boards of several
companies. He was the keynote speaker at the 2006 Pepperdine University MBA graduation
ceremony in the United States. In 1989, he wrote the “InvestAmerica Guide to Investment in the
United States”, a professional book that introduces the US investment community and services to
foreign investment in the United States.
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