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Zhang Huarong

(Vice Chair)
Mr. Zhang Huarong is the founder and chairman of Huajian Group. He received the degree of
EMBA from Peking University. Since the establishment of Huajian Footwear in Jiangxi 1984, he has
been committed to women's shoe manufacturing. In the business tenet of "People-oriented, Serving
Humanity", the company will not forget the pioneering spirit of “Existing for Society, Striving for
Industry” in mind. After the development in Dongguan 1996, investment in hometown-- the Soviet
Area in Southern Jiangxi 2002, going-out and factory establishment in Ethiopia 2011, involvement
in the Belt and Road Initiative and establishment of Huajian International Light Industrial Park
Huajian has developed to be one of the biggest Women's shoes manufacturers.
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