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Wang Guangfa

(Senior Vice Chair)

Mr. WANG Guangfa,  Doctor of Laws from China University of Political Science and Law.

Mr. Wang is the Chairman of Beijing Fazheng Group, Chief Principal of Beijing Royal School, President and Chief Principal of Jiahui Education Group. He is also the Vice President of Beijing Federation?of?Industry?and?Commerce, Vice President of Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation, Vice Chairman of Beijing Dongyu China and Globalization Think Tank Foundation ,President of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association,Senior Vice Chairman of Center for China and Globalization, Expert in Strategic Thinking Research Team under the Central Party School, Full Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Board Member of China Foreign Affairs University, Board Member of China University of Political Science and Law, Supervisor for Student Entrepreneurship at University of Science and Technology Beijing, Visiting Professor at Beijing Normal University, Vice Chairman of Board of Trustees of Institute for Governance Studies at Tsinghua University, Vice Director of the Association for the Promotion of Legal Exchanges across the Taiwan Straits, China’s Chief Consultant in The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, Expert Consultation Committee Member of the Educational Modernization Institute in Key Development Project of Jiangsu Province, Former Vice Chairman of China Association of Chief Financial Officers under the Ministry of Finance, Standing Director of China Education Association for International Exchange.

Mr. Wang has initiated the founding of research institutes and taken an active role in strategic research on national and regional industrial transformation and legislation. He has also made contribution to decision-making in the transformation and development of education, cultivation of talents, economic development in the Bay Area, structural reform in healthcare, functional design and general planning of the urban area. Mr. Wang runs the industry within the rule of law, shoulders social responsibility, supports the society co-built by the army and the people, and is devoted to charity. In February 2012, Fazheng Group was awarded the “Model of Supporting the Country and the Army”, and Mr. Wang was well received by Former President Hu Jintao, Former Premier Wen Jiabao, President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the Party and the government. In the past 25 years since the establishment of Fazheng Group, Mr. Wang Guangfa was awarded the “National Model of Supporting the Country and the Army”, “National Outstanding Entrepreneur”, “National Outstanding Individual in Non-governmental Education” and “China’s Top 10 Private Sector Educators”.

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