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Andy Mok

(Fellow, Corporate Strategy)
Andy earned his stripes in Greater China as an investor, entrepreneur and policy analyst. He was one of the
first investment professionals to join Morningside Ventures in the early 1990s where he helped formulate the
group’s investment strategy and played a key role in the post-investment management of portfolio companies
in health care, media and education.

Subsequently, he joined the RAND Corp (the first think tank in the U.S. to be backed by the Federal
Government) where, under the leadership of Zalmay Khalilzad (former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq
and the UN), he helped research and publish the influential and widely cited monograph "The United States
and a Rising China: Strategic and Military Implications".

Andy currently runs Red Pagoda Resources, a Beijing-based professional services firm that helps startups in China
secure money, key talent and media attention to accelerate their growth and success. In addition, Andy has advised
family offices and other institutional investors on business and real estate investment opportunities in China,
including representing the family office of a well-known Seattle entrepreneur in discussions with their peers in Asia.
Andy holds an MBA from the Wharton School in Philadelphia and an MA in China Studies from the Johns
Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies, where he was awarded the Loe Fellowship for Excellence
in China Studies. He is also a CPA and has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland.
He provide rigorous research-driven and data-rich presentations that provide audiences with ammunition to
blast through existing biases and conventional wisdom about China to reveal game-changing insights that
enable market-beating investment and business strategy decisions.

Andy’s research is currently focused on One Belt One Road-related investment opportunities. In addition, his
views on developments in artificial intelligence, drones, China’s mass innovation/entrepreneurship policies,
robotics and other subjects related to innovation and entrepreneurship in China are regularly sought by AP,
Bloomberg, CCTV, CNBC, India Today, Reuters, South China Morning Post and other leading media platforms.
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