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Lan Zhiyong

Lan Zhiyong, Professor at Tsinghua University, expert of Thousand-Talents Program

Lan Zhiyong is a famed scholar in the field of US public administration. He has studied and researched areas of general public administration theory, government institution reform, public policy, conflict management, urban management innovation and sustainable development for almost 20 years.

Professor Lan obtained his B. A. from Nanjing University, and his MPA from North Carolina State University, and PH.D in Public Administration from Maxwell School, Syracuse University. He started his teaching career in the School of Public Affairs, Arizona State University, USA in 1990, became associate and full professor with tenure in the School of Public Affairs in subsequent years.

He won a number of research and service awards, and serves on editorial boards of a number of journals including Public Administration Review, and American Review of Public Administration. He was Fulbright Scholar to China in 2004,  consulted for World Bank, Asian Bank, and a number of cities including the city of Phoenix in the United States, and the city of Chengdu in China. He is an active member in the International Association of Administrative Sciences, holds adjunct professorship in a number of Chinese universities, and is currently editor-in-chief for Public Administration and Policy Review, an influential public administration journal in China.

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