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Nonresident Senior Fellow

Niu Zhiming

Dr. Niu Zhiming is a Senior Environment Specialist in Asian Development Bank (ADB) and has been the environment focal point for ADB’s operations in PRC since 2006. He also coordinates ADB’s PRC programs for climate change and cofinancing with Global Environment Facility (GEF).


Dr. Niu responsibilities cover environmental safeguard, policy research and investment project management. Since 2006, Dr. Niu has managed a portfolio of loan and technical assistance over $2.0 billion covering natural resources and ecosystem management.


Dr. Niu as the key member took part in forming ADB’s Country Partnership Strategy (2011-2015) and (2016-2020), and led the country environmental analysis and assessment. The strategy documents serve as a strategic framework to determine ADB’s strategic directions and priorities in China.


Dr. Niu facilitated and took part in formulating two critical documents for cooperation of ADB and the PRC government in environment. The one was the memorandum of understanding for environment management between ADB with Ministry of Environment Protection. The other one was memorandum of understanding for climate change between ADB and National Development and Reform Commission. These two documents set up ADB’s assistance directions and investment priorities.


Dr. Niu was the Senior Advisor for ADB during 2003 to 2006, and as the leading expert, developed the world’s first integrated ecosystem management program, the PRC-GEF Partnership on Land Degradation in Dryland Ecosystems.


Dr. Niu gave a talk at the Reform Club in 2009, one of the most influential think tanks in UK established in 1836, and was the first Chinese speaker in the Club’s history.

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