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Nonresident Senior Fellow

Yang Rui

Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Yang is China’s answer to Larry King. Direct and incisive, he focuses on the global trends behind the daily headlines. He is the global voice of New China.

At a time when the world order is shifting from mono to multi-polar, peaceful coexistence depends on understanding and cooperation. Ideological self-righteousness and confrontation are not the answers. Yang Rui has dedicated his career to using dialogue to understand the ideas behind global views and actions.

At a time when world perspectives have been largely monopolized by western views and preconceptions, Yang Rui brings the views of a vigorous New China to the discussion table. An unapologetic patriot and passionate journalist, Yang Rui presents China’s accomplishments, challenges and future from the Chinese perspective. Today China has its own voice, the views of “Old China Hands” and foreign analysts are important, but the time has come for voices of China’s rich, vibrant and diverse community to be heard directly.

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