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Sun Yongfu

(Senior Research Fellow)

Sun Yongfu, CCG Non-Resident Senior Fellow,  Former Director of European Department of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Mr. Sun was born in Beijing, China in June 1955.  He graduated from Harvard Kennedy School with an MPA degree and Peking University with a PHD degree in Environmental Science.  He is married and has a daughter.
Since the year 1983,  Mr. Sun was engaged in China-related economic and technical cooperation activities of the United Nations development system and relevant international organizations.  Starting from the position of a project officer,  he rose to the position of Director General of China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE),  which is the Chinese counterpart agency for the management for the UN system's assistance to China, as a result of which he is rich in experience in terms of project identification, formulation, execution and evaluation.

For many times, he was part of or led the Chinese delegation to international conferences like regular and annual meetings of the UN Economicand Social Council (ECOSOC), executive board and annual meetings of UNDP, and UNIDO Industrial Development Board (IDB) meetings and general conferences.

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