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Sun Jie

(Senior Research Fellow)

Mr. Sun was the first Chairman of Asset Management Association of China. He is now sitting on the Board of China Development Research Foundation. He is also a Special-Invited Senior Researcher of CCG, researcher of Peking University Research Center of Financial Policies and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Mr. Sun was Honerary Chairman of China Venture Capital Association. He helped founded Asset Management Association of China. He worked with Hongkong Securities and Futures Commission as Senior Vice President ( China Affairs ). He was Director-General of Int’l Dept., Fund Supervision Dept. Of CSRC.

Before his career in the securities industry, he worked with the Ministry of Commerce and its affiliate organizations as Director, deputy director-general. During that period, he was positioned in the Chinese Mission to the United Nations as Third Secretary.

Mr. Sun has a Ph.D of Peking university, MPA of Harvard University. He was an exchange student at York University.

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