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William Daniel Garst

William Daniel Garst, Senior Researcher of CCG. He obtained his BA from University of Southern California, Ph.D. in political science from the University of Minnesota and subsequently held visiting professorial appointments at a number of U.S. universities, including U.C.L.A., Cornell, and the University Michigan, where he taught comparative politics and the history and politics of economic globalization. Mr. Garst moved to China in 2005 and has lived in Beijing since 2006. Before joining CCG, he worked for Hill + Knowlton as a senior consultant. In July of 2009, he began doing free-lance journalism and has published over 100 articles, including numerous pieces on business and economic affairs in China dealing with individual firms and industries, unemployment, socio-economic inequality, the Chinese rich, managing foreign exchange liberalization, and pension reform. This work has appeared in CHINA DAILY, CHINA DIGEST, THE FINANCIALIST, CKGSB KNOWLEDGE magazine, and a private e-newsletter for investors and business people, CHINA CAPITALIST. Before coming to China, Mr. Garst published several scholarly articles in leading peer review journals like COMPARATIVE POLITICAL STUDIES, INTERNATIONAL STUDIES QUARTERLY, and THEORY AND SOCIETY on international relations theory and trade and political coalition formation.

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