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Selim Belortaja

Selim  Belortaja

Occupation:  Albanian Ambassador to PR of China (resident) and to Vietnam,  Republic of Korea, DPR of Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and Bangladesh (non-resident)


Minister of Industry and Trade

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Secretary of State for Foreign Economic Relations,

Member of Albanian Parliament

National Coordinator of the Cina-EEC Economic Cooperation Format

  1. Field of Expertise:

Economist, PhD in Economics.  Economic Diplomacy, International Trade, Marketing, Foreign Investments, Public Policies, Economic Policies, etc. Executive proven skills in managing public agencies/enterprises and non-government sector organizations.

  1. Work experience:

  • March 2016, incumbent post: Albanian Ambassador to PR of China (resident) and to Vietnam, Republic of Korea, DPR of Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and Bangladesh (non-resident)
  • February 2015 – march 2016: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • October 2013 – February 2015: General Director of Durres Port Authority
  • 2009 - 2013: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • 2002-2009 CEO and board chair of the Albanian Center for International Trade-a non-government think-tank.
  • 1999-2002 –Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister.
  • Member of Albanian Parliament 1996 -97 DP
  • Member of two consecutive governments, as
    • Minister of Industry and Trade (1993-1994), and as
    • Secretary of State for Foreign Economic Relations (government’s member) 1994-1997), also head of the first Albanian team for the negotiation of the SAA with the EU (1996).
  • 1992-1993: Gen. Director of the Albanian Foreign Investment Agency (later: Albanian Center for the Promotion of FI)
  • 1981 – 1992: Lecturer at the Economic Faculty of the Tirana University
  • Economist at a State Owned Enterprise in Albania
  • Key positions in several governments of the transition, such as advisor to the President of the Republic, advisor to the Prime Ministers, etc.

  • Author an co-author of studies, and numerous articles about trade and economic policies, governance, and socio-economic development issues.

  1. Education:

  • 1979: Graduated as Economist for the Industry sectors in Tirana’s University
  • 1981-1983, the 2-year post-graduation course on Foreign Trade theory and practice (Post Graduate Diploma) in Tirana University
  • In 1993 obtains the diploma “Candidat of Sciences” converted (1995) to PhD in Economics.
  • November 1989-January 1991: an academic qualification stage at the University of Mannheim –Germany (German Language course) and 1-year academic  internship University of Passau – West Germany.
  • A three-month internship at the University of Siegen (Germany).
  • An Intensive Course on Trade Policies, at the Kennedy School of Government - Harvard University (USA),
  • A British Council’s course on creative industries (West Sussex, London)
  • -etc.

  1. Foreign languages:

With Albanian as mother tongue, speaks fluently English and works in German, Italian and French

  1. Awards, qualifications and honors:

PhD in Economics. International certificates of several short-term qualification courses.

Chairman and\or member of several managing boards and\or councils (Albanian Telekom, National Housing Board, Albanian Post,  Business Advisory Council, OSFA, European Movement, Albanian Center for International Trade and Competitiveness (ACIT), etc

National Coordinator of the Cina-EEC Economic Cooperation -16+1 Format  (2012-2015)

News Person of the Year 2017 – awarded by the Chinese Home and Abroad News Press

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