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Chen Wenling

Chen Wenling, Chief Economist of China Center for International Economic Exchange (CCIEE) .

Expert Advisor of CCG, Director General of the Comprehensive Research Department of the State
Council Research Office, Research Fellow, Doctoral Supervisor of Nankai University and Beijing
Normal University, Professor of Peking University and University of International Business and
Economics. She is also Vice Chairman of China Marketing Association, China Business & Economic
Association and China Logistics Association. As a distinguished economist, she has achieved
outstanding accomplishment in the research fields of modern circulation, modern logistics, modern
business, modern social credit theory, foreign capital and macro-economy.

She has authored (co-authored) and translated 15 works, among them are Report on Case Study of
China Economic & Social Frontier problems, Original Research of Fundamental Modern Circulation
Theory, New Theory of Circulation, Integration of Modern Circulation with Foreign and Domestic
Business, The Leap of Wenzhou---From Traditional Credit to Modern Credit, Here We Go---
Modern Credit Supporting Nanning’s Take-off, Japanese Macro-circulation System and Enterprise
Management Mechanism, Retrospect and Reflect on Chinese Macro-economy, etc.

And she also published over 200 academic theses and research reports in core national periodicals,
newspapers and magazines such as Comparative Economic & Social Systems, Economics
Information, Finance & Trade Economics, People’s Daily, Economic Daily, China Economic Times,

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