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Huang Renwei

Huang Renwei, Former Vice President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; Executive Vice Director of Fudan Institute of Belt and Road & Global Governance.

Huang Renwei, holds a PhD in American History, is senior fellow for international strategic studies. He is concurrently the vice president of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. His academic work “The Time and Space of China’s Rise”(2002) has been widely quoted in the academic community of China.

He also serves as deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies, vice chairman of Shanghai Association of International Relations, vice chairman of Shanghai Association For American Studies, director of the Pudong Institute for US Economy, member of council of Chinese Foundation of Strategic Studies, and a senior fellow of Cross Strait Research Center.

Professor Huang has been active as a visiting professor at Leiden University, Nederland (1997); the Rand Corporation, US (1998); and Stanford University, US (1999).

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