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Liu Debin


Founder, CEO of SocialCredits

Adjunct Professor at Sichuan University

Distinguished experts of the Application of Information Technology in Financial Industry of China Telecom

Director and chief scientist of the Big-data Application and Security Research Center under National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Distribution and Exchange Technologies


One of the first American Informatics doctors pioneered the new research area of credit risk quantification, management and control based on user behavior and motivation analysis. He served as senior data scientist in PayPal and visiting scholar of the Federal Reserve. When worked in PayPal, He has been engaged in research and product development in risk control, anti fraud and other related fields. After start his own business in China, he focuses on the new field of financial risk management, such as penetrated risk control, risk quantification, intelligent risk prediction & alert system,and devoted his energies to the in-depth integration and application of big-data plus AI technology in financial industry.

Since its establishment, the company has developed into a leading company in the domestic financial technology industry, the core R&D team led by Dr. Liu Debin has gathered a number of top technical talents from domestic leading companies such as Baidu, Huawei, Dell, NEC, etc., independently developed a set of intelligent data analysis system, and created a model for data segmentation of enterprise databases. The company has created a number of core algorithm,such as “Risk Conduction Model Based on Complex Network Theory”,” Risk Predicting Model Based on Time Series Analysis”,”Enterprise Risk Assessment Model Based on Knowledge Mapping”, and has reached the field of big-data-based intelligent finance, Formed a multi-dimensional product system, include big-data-based risk management tool products, Reg-Tech products, big-data-based financial products and international enterprise big data service platform serving countries along the “Belt and Road”.

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