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Zhu Yongxin

Zhu Yongxin, Vice Chairman of China Association for Promoting Democracy.

Mr. Zhu entered Soochow University in 1977, majoring in educational psychology, as the first enrollment through Gaokao after the Cultural Revolution. After two years, he was sent to study at Shanghai Normal University to meet the shortfall of teachers at Soochow University. Since returning to Suzhou in 1982, Zhu had been teaching and doing research at Soochow University and became an associate Professor in 1987. He has also taken the position dean of Academic Affairs Office at Soochow University by 1997. After that, Zhu entered the government, becoming vice mayor of Suzhou and is responsible for education, science, culture,and health field. Until 2007, he was selected to the vice chairman of China Association for Promoting Democracy.

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