Deputy Prime Minister of the Reserve Bank of Australia visits CCG

Tuesday,Dec 25, 2018


On November 27, 2018, Guy Debelle, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Deputy Chairman of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and the Chairman of the Australian Federal Reserve Risk Management Committee, visited CCG’s Beijing Headquarters to discuss with CCG scholars the issues such as China-Australia relations, multilateral trade mechanism, Sino-US trade friction and its impact on Sino-Australian trade relations.


On Nov. 8, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne held the fifth round of China-Australia diplomatic and strategic dialogue in Beijing. The two sides reached an agreement on strengthening cooperation and supporting free trade. On November 14, Premier Li Keqiang met with Australian Prime Minister Morrison during the East Asia Summit in Singapore. Morrison said that Australia welcomes China's active role in global and regional issues and is willing to promote comprehensive strategic partnership with China. Australia will also continue to welcome investment from China, further strengthen the bilateral cooperation in various fields and expand people-to-people exchanges with China. Both meetings marked the recovery of Sino-Australian relations.




Debelle’s visit came as the Sino-US relations are once again at a crossroads. Therefore, they discussed the topics about the impact on Sino-Australian trade and cooperation, how to support the multilateral trading system, how to maintain China-Australia relations and promote multilateral cooperation in Asia Pacific together.


Those that attended the discussion included CCG advisor and former Vice Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission Zhou Yanli, CCG nonresident senior fellow and former Director of the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce Huo Jianguo, CCG council member and former Principle at Center Financial Institution Wang Bozhi, Deputy Director of the Economic Affairs Department of the Reserve Bank of Australia Adam Cagliarini, and First Secretary of the Australian Embassy in China John Boulter, Counselor of the Economic Affairs Office of the Australian Embassy in China Dene Yeaman, researcher at the Australian Embassy in China Michelle Chen, CCG Executive Secretary Li Weifeng, and Deputy Secretary General of CCG Tang Yujie.




Through this meeting, we have obtained a deeper understanding of Australia's current views on China and the Sino-US trade relations, and also provided the Australian side an opportunity to further understand China's efforts to improve relations with Australia and promote the cooperation on multilateral trade.


CCG has long been committed to the research in the fields of international relations, Sino-US relations and global governance, and actively promoting exchanges and discussions in various fields. On September 6, 2018, Australian Parliamentarian Chris Bowen and his delegation paid a visit to CCG. The two sides also exchanged views on China-Australia relations, the multilateral trade mechanism, the Belt and Road Initiative and China's foreign investment. During the exchange, the Australian Parliamentary Delegation and CCG both pledged that the two sides would strengthen exchanges in the future and further explore issues that concern both China and Australia. Dene Yeaman, Economic Counselor of the Australian Embassy in Beijing, also attended CCG’s closed-door seminar on the Trump trade policies and the impact on China and the world.

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