China and Globalization Roundtable Forum

Monday,Apr 09, 2018

In April, CCG will host the 2018 China and Globalization Roundtable Forum. The Forum will gather more than 100 government officials, business executives and academic leaders as well as CCG council members and scholars.

It will be the 4th China and Globalization Roundtable Forum, one of the most significant roundtables gathering the leaders of various sectors in China. CCG intends to make it an internationally influential forum in the world.


the 3rd China and Globalization Roundtable Forum in 2017.

  • Will foreign employees enjoy social security rights in China?

    The social security in China is far below the international levels. Many foreigners come to China and pay social security, but if they leave China, they can neither enjoy the benefits nor withdraw all their pension. In some cases, they can get the pension funds they have been contributing every month, but not the part covered by the government and employers.

  • Global talent flocking to work in China

    China is becoming attractive to global talent on an unprecedented level because of the nation’s economic size and vibrancy, according to a report released on Saturday by US business magazine Forbes.

  • China Focuses on Avoiding Trade War as Xi-Trump Honeymoon Ends

    With the honeymoon period ending between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, China is focused on making the relationship work to avoid a trade war between the world’s two biggest economies.

  • Beijing speeds up high-tech center role

    China is accelerating efforts to make its capital a national high-tech innovation hub, as a leading example of the country’s innovation drive, by achieving breakthroughs in key technologies and easing permanent residence procedures for overseas experts.

  • Chinese cities dangle perks for young talent

    Cities across China are competing to attract young talent, promising large research grants and housing subsidies to those who can help drive innovation and economic upgrades.