CCG hosts senior journalists from the US mainstream media

Wednesday,Dec 05, 2018



As a hub of Sino-US exchange, Center for China and Globalization(CCG) hosted a delegation of visiting veteran US journalists Gerry Holmes, Managing Editor of Enterprise at NPR; Gary Rosen, Editor of Review at the Wall Street Journal; Amy Walter, National Editor at The Cook Political Report; Jonathan Landman, Managing Editor at Bloomberg Opinion, organized by the Asia Society, in Beijing on December 3.


Dr. Wang Huiyao, president of CCG began by introducing the work CCG has been doing for the bilateral relations over the past year. Following this, attendees from both sides discussed the current state of Sino-US relations and other shared concerns.


Hot on the heels of the pivotal meeting between Presidents Xi and Trump during the G20 summit, the dialogue focused on what was next for the two countries following the ‘nominal truce’ that was achieved over the weekend. CCG President Wang Huiyao, deputy director of CCG Dr. Miao Lu and non-resident senior fellows, Tu Xinquan, Professor and Dean of WTO studies UIBE, and Shou Huisheng, Professor at the National Strategy Institute of Tsinghua University, shared their views with their US guests.



During the talk, Dr. Wang Huiyao shared his views over the recent developments of China-US interaction from a wider geopolitical context. He suggested that China and US should not only work to improve the reporting and research surrounding the Sino-US relationship, but also to conduct more frequent dialogues between their respective organizations in the future.


With regard to the future of China-US relationship, Dr. Wang expressed his upbeat expectation as long as both sides could keep engagements and CCG will insist on contributing to the bilateral communication.


Gerry Holmes, Managing Editor of Enterprise at NPR, took the opportunity to gain insight into China’s WTO membership and what potential reform of the institution would like look for China from WTO expert Professor Tu’s point of view. Whereas Professor Shou expressed that he felt that 2018 had been a year of testing for Sino-US relations and that 2019 would prove itself to be a year of action, with the ending of the trade war and deepening cooperation.

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