CCG, Asia Society will Co-host Seminar to Discuss Scientific Technology Innovation and Human Resource Transformation

Thursday,Nov 16, 2017


As the China partner, the Center for China and Globalization and Asia Society will co-host a seminar to discuss science and technology innovation and human resource transformation with a purpose to call for further improving education and professional training system and distribution of labor resource based on market demand.


the convention in 2016

The event, as the 7th session of Asia Society’s “Step Ahead” series, will gather officials, business and academic leaders. The seminar, with a sponsorship of JP Morgan Chase, examines the most pressing issues that emerge as China is moving towards knowledge-based economy and to discuss possible solutions.

  • Belt and Road Initiative | CGTN

    The Global Business Studio inviting Andrew Polk, Director of China research at Medley Global Advisors LLC in Beijing, and Dr. Wang Huiyao, a president of Center for China and Globalization(CCG), to sharing their opinions and discussions about The Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Trump speech accused of showing Cold War mentality

    The US should not perceive China as a rival and should stop hyping the rhetoric to gain military and political mileage, experts warned following US President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

  • Gao Zhikai: China is a strong defender of racial equality

    As China is fully committed to promoting the One Belt, One Road Initiative and the common destiny of mankind, China should redouble its commitment to fighting against discrimination of all kinds, including those based on race or the color of the skin.

  • CCG invited as founding member of “Think Tank Alliance on US Issues

    On July 14, the Ministry of Finance’s International Economics and Finance Institute hosted a seminar on the impacts and trends of the Sino-US trade war. The event also saw the founding ceremony of the Think Tank Alliance on US Issues, of which CCG is one of the first members.

  • Trump’s upsides for China

    To the surprise of people around the globe, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Despite certain challenges, opportunities can be found in this upset to improve the China-U.S. relationship, experts pointed out at a seminar held by the Center of China and Globalization (CCG) on Nov. 10 in Beijing.