CCG, Asia Society Policy Institute co-host seminar on China-US relations

Tuesday,Oct 30, 2018


On Oct. 17, the Center for China and Globalization and the visiting Asia Society Policy Institute delegation co-held a seminar that explored the ways to help the China-US relations walk out of the ongoing tension and rebuild a momentum of cooperation, especially in the field of think tank research and philanthropy.


Daniel R. Russel, the vice president of ASPI and former assistant Secretary of State, noted the importance of China-US think tank cooperation and expressed the interest in working with Chinese counterparts in the research of social welfare and charitable cause. On behalf of CCG, President Wang Huiyao briefed the foreign guests on the achievement of CCG’s recent visit in the United States aiming to strengthen bilateral exchange and rebuild cooperative relations.


Established in 2014 by Asia Society, ASPI was created to push forward with peace, prosperity and sustainable development in Asia and the world. Since then, CCG has developed a cooperative relationship with ASPI and co-hosted several academic events in China.


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