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Zhao Gang

Zhao gang  is a Professor at the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, part of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He is also the Vice Director of the Renewable Energy and New Energy International Cooperation Planning Office, within the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the National Development and Reform Commission.

Dr. Zhao Gang has written over thirty scholarly articles such as, "Geo-Science & Technology Strategy in Post-Oil Era", "Science & Technology Diplomacy Should be Included in Diplomatic Strategy", and "Using International Science & Technology Resources Should be Based on Major Domestic Needs." He has published nine books, including "Science and Technology Diplomacy Theory and Practice", "Innovative Talent Strategy", "Geopolitics of Science & Technology and National Science & Technology Security." He has won 4 science and technology progress prizes.

For many years he was responsible for the scheme of national soft science research, and in charge of organizing and contacting the national think-tank network (there are more than 1700 experts in the think-tank network that provide policy suggestions for the Chinese government). His current work focuses on national and international research and policy management in the areas of science and technology innovation policy and strategy, energy policy, international cooperation on new and renewable energy, science and technology diplomacy, strategies of science and technology development, and new and renewable energy science and technology policies.