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Zhang Zhewei

Zhang zhewei is China Director of Investment and Development Agency of Ireland (IDA Ireland). IDA is Irish Government’s Inward Investment Promotion Agency. In the past 40 years Ireland has become one of the leading investment locations globally, building up a new knowledge-based economy. IDA has over 1000 client companies now, who use Ireland to serve the International markets.

Mr. Zhang works closely with IDA global sector teams to attract Chinese investment into Ireland, including top Chinese commercial Bank and Telecom Equipment Supplier. Mr. Zhang manages 3 IDA offices in China, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing, leading the China team to cooperate with key stakeholders, like Chinese Governments, Enterprise etc.

Prior joining IDA Ireland, Zhang Zhewei holds several senior sales and marketing positions in multinational companies. Mr. Zhang graduated from Fudan University and obtained MBA from China Europe International Business School in 2005. Mr. Zhang also studied in University Colleague Dublin (UCD). Mr. Zhang has deep understanding of Chinese/ Irish Business culture and Chinese companies’ overseas development strategy (“going abroad”).