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Zhang Mengyu

Mengyu Zhang, an entrepreneur of the post-1980s generation and also an ordinary mother of three, is reputed as a legendary woman in Both Early Childhood Education and Investment Area. After graduated from the University of Southern California, Mengyu Zhang founded the Shanghai Matt Education Technology co., LTD. (MATT) in 2005 and made five successive "five-year plan". Guided by the plans, the company started from the infant's family household housekeeping service and then gradually accumulated parenting experience of 0 to 3 years old infants and young children. In 2017, Mengyu Zhang was named as “China's top ten most influential characters in early education industry" and "China's early education industry top ten outstanding lecturers".

Through 12 years of hard working, MATT education has developed into a collectivized company including two major research institutions, a training school, three regional companies, six nursery centers for 0 to 3 years old infants, and three business units. The company’s business model is called "community entities cloud", which is family integrated services among young children between 0 to 3 years old. In order to improve the development of the company, Matt education advocates for combing personalized counseling with standardized service in children education, putting internal and external service together in management of enterprise. Furthermore, Matt education has its own “Maimeng” education methodology that combining its original theme picture books with the "Wudao" and “transverse and longitudinal two-way deepen methodology“. All of the above make MATT education becomes the leader in Education and Management Area.

Recent years, Mengyu Zhang, the founder of MATT education, has given lectures over 100 times in different places throughout the country. She independently created more than 200 pictures books which includes “Black Circle BB”series, the series of "No Eye Sister", "My Motherland" series, "China's Space" series, "I Love My Family" series and so on. All these books are popular among mothers and their children. At the same time, several articles such as “Replace the Crusade with Correction, Illuminate the darkness with luminosity” are widely spread with its deep insights.