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Xie Peihong

Xie Peihong( PHILIP XIE),  Research Fellow of CCG. Mr. Xie was in the Chinese Foreign Service for 12 years(1982 to 1994). Starting as an attache of Singapore affairs in the Asian Department of the Ministry, he focused mostly on overseas Chinese and Taiwanese studies in his diplomatic career, during which he was posted in the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia and as a consul in the Consulate General in Toronto of Canada. He is very experienced with the work of overseas Chinese.

Later on, Mr. Xie served in the fields of financial and investment consultation. He was the GM of Canadian Federal Finance Consulting Ltd. (Beijing), helping several Chinese private companies listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange; Then, he became the Vice President of The Belloch Investment Group. In this company, Mr. Xie was in charge of cross-border M&A projects in the mining and steel industries; After that, he was engaged into the China Institute of International Economic Cooperation under the Ministry of Commerce, as the director of an overseas investment project of “Central and East Europe Industrial Zone in Poland” for the private businesses in Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province.

Mr. Xie is also an enthusiast and expert in philanthropy and environment conservation. Before joining CCG, he was the Vice Director of Shangri-La Institute for Sustainable Communities, committing himself in eco-conservancy and education for sustainable development. His responsibility in SISC was public relations with international counterparts and government communication.

Mr. Xie was a bachelor in English from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. He took the cadet course  for one year in the Institute of Foreign Affairs and was a graduate student in Sociology for two years in New York State University. Mr. Xie has rich experiences in foreign service, in studies for public policies, in researches  of finance and investment for Chinese businesses abroad, and in philanthropy.