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Wu Baiyi

Dr. WU Baiyi is Professor of International Relations and Director-General, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). He is also advisory board member, senior fellow of Chinese research institutions, including the Contingency Management Expert Group of the State Council, Institute of World Development and Institute of Ecological Economics at CDR of China, China Reform Forum, China Foundation for International & Strategic Studies, National Security Policy Research Committee of China Society of Policy Studies, etc.

Since joining the academic community in the early 1990s, he has developed a broad interest in strategic and international security studies. Recent publications he authored, co-authored or edited in Chinese and English languages include ‘Trends in World Politics and Impact on the Sino-US Relations’(2018),‘The Development Strategic Integrity of China and LAC Countries in Response to the Economic Globalization and B & R Initiative’(2017),‘Cultural Diplomacy: A Historical and Practical Review and Reflection’(2016), Opportunities with Transformation: A Multi-perspective Analysis of Future China-Latin American Relations (2013), ‘Rethinking the Political Relationships between China and the Developing World’ (2010), ‘A Review of Chinese Images of the United States and Europe’ (2009), ‘Diplomacy for Integration: The Economic Aspect of Chinese Foreign Policy’ (2008), ‘Chinese Crisis Management of the Embassy Bombing in 1998’ (2005), Commonalities and Differences—China-EU Partnership and Its Implications (2004).