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Wang Weidong

Mr. Wang Weidong is the founder and Chairman of the Board of D&R Capital in Shenzhen. He graduated from Peking University and received an MBA degree from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Mr. Wang went on to pursue a PHD in Wuhan University and joined a post-doc program in Peking University. He has worked in the China Securities Market Research Design Center, China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Investment Banking Department of China International Capital Corporation Limited along with Dapeng and Beijing Securities Firms, holding business manager and senior executive positions. Not only that, but Mr. Wang has also founded Bosera Asset Management Co., Limited. Receiving training by Morgan Stanley, he helped dozens of enterprises go public, refinance successfully and finish merger and acquisition operations. Experienced in the investment field, Mr. Wang has been through many turbulent cycles in the Chinese securities market. In the field of Chinese securities, he has abundant social connections and extensive influence.