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Wang Jiaming

Wang Jiaming, President of Canadian-Sino Friendship Promotion Center. Dr. Wang left China in 1991 when he was recruited by Panama HUAMEI Company and worked as the general manager. In 1993, he started Panama Light Company and Venezuela Hudson International Company exporting Chinese products to Latin America. He commuted through Central and South America to begin his business and worked hard in Latin America for 10 years. At this way, he gains his first bucket of gold. Gradually, his business spreads through Latin America. He knows local tradition and trade customs, as well as risk-aversion. In 2002, Dr. Wang immigrated to Canada and founded Canada Gold Bridges Inc. and America Gold Bridges Inc. He also invested in areas of real estate, finance, and education in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Toronto and New York. During 2009-2012, he studied at University of Management and Technology in the United State and received Mater and Doctor Degree there. Recommended by the magazine China's Foreign Trade and invited by Peking University School of Economics, Wang did research on Latin America's economic for 2 years as a visiting scholar of Professor Guoliang Xiao, and he planned to publish a work <Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship in Latin America>.

Previous posts include: vice-president of the Council of China's Foreign Trade (attach to the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), vice-president of Bond International College in Canada, the arbitrators of the People's Republic of China, vice-president of Beijing financial and cultural branch of the Zhanjiang court of international arbitration in China.