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Wang Guangfa

Wang Guangfa, Doctor of Laws in China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), Chairman of the Board and President of Beijing Fazheng Group, and Chairman of the Board and Principal of Beijing Royal School. Mr. Wang also serves concurrently as Board member in China Foreign Affairs University, Adjunct Professor in CUPL and Tsinghua University, Vice Chairman of Capital Association of Economic Research, Special Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Vice Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Legal Exchanges across the Taiwan Straits, etc.

Mr. Wang established Fazheng Group in 1993. It has developed to an Omni-directional, multi-level and interdisciplinary modern enterprise group includes 17 industries such as real estate, education, health care, law, finance, media, etc. It has also accomplished diversified industrial transformation. Mr. Wang persists on expanding educational causes from an international educational perspective. Through introducing international high quality educational resources and establishing various international curriculum and standard of teaching resources, Mr. Wang constitutes a K-12 international educational system and applies AP, A-LEVEL, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL courses into normal basic education. Mr. Wang always holds the point that an educational entrepreneur shall bear ethics in his blood. He is at the meantime a role model in shouldering public responsibility and national paragon of patriotic army supporter.