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Wang Chaoyong

Mr. Wang is the founder Chairman and CEO of ChinaEquity Group, which is one of China’s earliest independent institutions devoted to venture capital and private equity investment.

Mr. Wang was selected byTsinghua University as a government-sponsored student to study in the US in 1985 and became the first group member of China Mainland Students to enter the Wall Street as financial professionals. Mr. Wang has owned 27 years of remarkable international and domestic financing and investment experiences.

Mr. Wang is not only active in finance world, but also one of the major promoters of China’s business leader organization, China Grand Rally and China Large Sailing Sports.

Mr. Wang is a major member of China Entrepreneur Club. It is China’s most influential business leader organization, whose members include authoritative Economist Wu Jinglian, Zhang Weiying, Zhou Qiren , Xu Xiaonian; distinguished diplomat Wu Jianmin, China Globalization representative Long Yongtu, and the first generation of most influential Chinese entrepreneurs such as Liu Chuanzhi, Wang Shi, Jack Ma, Yun Minhong, Ma Weihua, Wang Jianlin, Niu Gensheng, Zhu Xinli, Guo Guangchang, Li Shufu, Li Dongsheng, Feng Lun, etc.

By 2011, annual operating income of all the companies under management of the 44 members has come to almost 2000 billion RMB, which consists of a vital part of China’s GNP.

Mr. Wang is the founder of China Grand Rally. It owns proprietary intellectual property rights(IPR) of top level auto event and is jointly sponsored by Automobile & Motor Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, CCTV Sports Channel and ChinaEquity Group and undertaken by CCTV Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd and China Grand Rally Auto Racing Management Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang is the founder of China Team, the 1st team representing China to challenge America’s Cup, got exclusive approval and authorization from State General Administration of Sports, which set a new record in its 150 years’ history and made America’s Cup a popular event all over the world.