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Wang bainian

Born in Shanghai in 1952, moved to HK at the age of 5, went to USA for studies when 18 years old, and migrated to Canada 2 years later.
Certified Engineer, Director of Economic Development Dept, Government of Alberta, Canada. Wong has dealt business with SINOPEC, CNPC, CNOOC for more than 2 decades.

President of Paning Centennial
According to the enthusiasm on Art & Charity, Paning Wong established Paning Centennial Foundation (HK), which is deeply involved in cultural communication and donations in China.
The foundation has yet donated books and studying necessities to more than 687 schools in China’s very poor area, and financed scholarships in college like China University of Petroleum, Minzu University of China, etc. In the future, the number is expected to be doubled!

As a senior collector on print, Wong has donated to more than a hundred worldclass institutions and universities, eg. Harvard, Oxford, Guggenheim. Recently in 2012, he has completed donations in Lisbon University and Tokyo University. In a long run, Wong is determined to introduce the essence of Chinese civilization to the whole world!

 Swimming, Polo, and Skiing
Travel: Footprints across the world