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Tang Haoxuan

Tang Haoxuan, Chairman of FUETA. Mr. Tang has engaged in International trade for 30 years, highly experienced in brand building and marketing in the international market. He has developed unique perspectives and insights on the "Go Global" strategy over the course of his career.

Mr. Tang is not only an expert in international trade but also proficient with strategy design and planning. His advice in 2012, "Recommendations on the strategic development of central and state-owned enterprises" received attention from relevant departments. In 2013, he proposed to build the overseas industrial park into an "Economic Community" and advocated the "Exporting of China's industrial system" which was deemed forward-looking from an international perspective. Mr. Tang has advised in recent years the "Building of niche overseas industrial parks " and "Elimination of compulsory administrative area labeling during corporate registrations". These recommendations have boosted the decision-making process of relevant government departments.