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Shirley YEUNG

Ms. Yeung(杨小雯) is Founder & Managing Partner of Dragonrise Capital based in Shanghai, China.

As one of the earliest venture capitalists investing in mainland China in past 17 years Shirley has been instrumental in investments in and financing of a number of high profile and successful Chinese tech startups including Series A in Tencent, Sohu, Sina, Focus Media, and GCL-Poly Energy etc.  She also participated in the IPOs of China Telecom, China Mobile and Unicom etc while working for JP Morgan as a VP; prior to returning to Asia she worked in New York City where she managed $3.5 billion in Non-U.S. Equity investments for Verizon Investment Corporation, the largest U.S. Corporate Pension Fund. Shirley served a term as Executive Chairwoman of the Investment and Financing Committee of the MOFCOM-affiliated China Council for Promoting International Investments, and is a Member of the Advisory Board of Yale University School of Management in New Haven, USA,  She holds an MBA in Finance from Yale University School of Management.