Qin Gang

Qin Gang, Executive Director of CCG China Institute for Globalization of Cities, Senior  Fellow in Institute of International Information, State Information Center of China. Mr. Qin graduated from Zhou Enlai School of Government, Nankai University, master in Management and Political Science. Mr. Qin used served as a reporter and editor of Tianjin Daily and Shenzhen Special Zone Daily. As a Director of Southern Institute of SouFun Internet Group, and CEO of Financial Channel (Shenzhen)  of of sina.com, Mr, Mr. Qin made a significant contribution to the brand strategy and business model’s development in these fields. Also, Mr. Qin has won national level news awards for several times and published 《Cultural Roots of Cities 》,《Strategies of Cities 》,《Global Eyes in Micro Window》and a series of academic journals: “Turbulent world in black lens” “From American Dream, European Dream to China Dream: The Path of Chinese Urban Civilization”  etc.