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Peter M. Felix

Peter M. Felix was President of the worldwide Association of Executive Search Consultants, based in New York, from 1998-2014. Mr. Felix is a former executive search consultant, who has had extensive experience in association management, in management consulting and in industrial management.

During his career with the AESC Mr. Felix expanded the organization so that it could effectively represent the executive search profession around the world. The AESC is today recognized by the American Government and European Commission as the official representative of Executive Search Consulting and deals with it on issues of policy matters and regulation.

Under his guidance the AESC developed education and training programs, promoted best practices and professionalism in executive search and expanded its membership around the world. The AESC developed leading edge technology programs to support these initiatives.

Mr. Felix spent much of his early career in Europe and North Africa, serving as Vice President of Human Resources for the Bendix Corporation in Paris, as a management consultant in Algeria working for the Algerian Oil and Gas industry, and as Manager of Marketing Practices for IBM in the United Kingdom. He served with Voluntary Service Overseas in Bangladesh on graduating from University.

Born and educated in the United Kingdom, Mr. Felix attended Haberdasher’s Aske’s School, received his BA in Social Studies and Law from Exeter University and MBA from INSEAD. He now lives in London with his wife, June, who is President of Verifone Inc, Europe. They have a son at Cornell University.