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Lu Xingdong

Lu Xingdong, Founding partner and chief executive officer of Loongs United Investment Company Limited. Mr. Lu also acts as standing director of China Radio and Television Association, deputy director of China Television Drama Production Industry Association, vice-president of  China Cultural Chamber Of Commerce and international Member in Emmy TV Committee, U.S.A.

In 2002, he was elected as the “2002 The Annual Figure of China Economic Contribution”.

In 2004, 2005 and 2006, he was selected into the “China Media People List”.

In 2009, he sponsored the strategic cooperation with China Radio and Television Association, invested in large-scale TV drama industry, innovated “the public studio” partner mode, established the Loongs Investment Company Limited, and initiated the new round of investment mode such as the management of film and television industry fund, investment in the film and television industry park and the creation of theme park etc.