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Liu Yonghao

Mr. Yonghao Liu Co-founded Yunfeng Capital. Mr. Liu served as the President of New Hope Group Co., Ltd. since 1993. He served as Acting Chief Supervisor at Minsheng Life Insurance, Co. Ltd. He has been Vice President of China Feed Industry Association since 1993 and China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program since 1994.

He served as a Vice President of the 7th and 8th China Industry and Commerce Federation, member of the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, vice president of Economic Committee of the CPPCC, Vice President of China Guangcai Promotion Association, Vice President of China Minsheng Bank Corporation Limited. He has been Chairman of the Board of Shandong Liuhe Group Co., Ltd. since 2005; Sichuan New Hope Co., Ltd. and Sichuan New Hope Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. since 1997; BOS, Minsheng Life Insurance Co., Ltd. since 2001 and New Hope Investment Co., Ltd. since 2002. He has been Vice Chairman of the Board at China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd. since March 23, 2009. He served as the Chairman of New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. (known as Sichuan New Hope Agricultural Ltd) until May 22, 2013. since 1998; He served as Vice Chairman of Chengdu Hope Inc. from 1982 to 1993 and ACFIC from 1993 to 2002. He serves as Director of New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. He previously served as Vice-Chairman of Chengdu New Hope Co., Ltd. He acts as the Standing Committee Member of People's Political Consultative Conference of China (CPPCC), Deputy Director of the Economic Committee of CPPCC, Deputy President of Chinese Minsheng Bank, Deputy President of Chinese Feed Industry Association, Deputy President of Chinese Dairy Industry Association and Deputy President of Chinese Glory Undertaking Enhance Association. From 1973 to 1982, he was Lecturer, Sichuan Machinery Institute of Technology.

At the same time Mr. Liu was titled with “Top Ten Private Entrepreneur of China”, “Man of China's Reform”, “Top Ten Poverty-fighters”, “The Most Outstanding Enterprise Administration Talent”, “Man of China Real Estate” and “Star of Asia in 2000 (by “Business Weekly”). He holds a bachelor’s degree and is a senior engineer.