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Li Xi

Li Xi, is a multinational entrepreneur, investor and cross-culture facilitator. He studied in the United States since he was 17 years old, and received his Doctor Degree of Business Administration at Suffolk University. He is best known as Executive President of The Joseph W. Stilwell Institute Foundation, Ltd, President of Mozaco Energy LLC co., Ltd, President of Texas Petroleum Co., Ltd, President of US Stilwell Innovation Enterprises LLC, and Mentor of Harvard Business School MBA team. Meanwhile, he currently serves as director on Association for Chinese national unity and as a Committee member of All-China Youth Federation;

Li Xi started his career as a financial advisor for Bank of America Massachusetts Branch, and manager of Massachusetts Branch Subordinates. In 2004, he worked as director for America Extainment LLC, which is a Credit Management Company.  Since 2007, he was involved in energy industry and established Texas Petroleum Co., Ltd afterwards, mainly engaged in oil exploration, development and production, with advanced 3D-4C reservoir imaging data analysis technology, high-tech oil production equipment and integrated research team, the company effectively increased the yield of old wells in North America. Therefore, the company was named as the best innovative capacity oil company by Texas Oil Association in 2015.In 2009, Li Xi established Mozaco Energy LLC, aimed at oil field acquisitions and investment. After years of development, the company has become one of the most influential oil field investment companies in that area, and in 2015 officially became a member of the American Petroleum Institute-- America's most influential association on politics and oil industry.

Invited by the president of this Foundation, Li Xi joined Joseph W. Stilwell Institute Foundation in 2014, he served as executive director, and participated in a series of China-US education, culture, economic and history preservation activities.  In October, 2015, Li Xi set up the US Stilwell Innovation Enterprises LLC, with the support of China and Britain government unit, Chongqing Stilwell international innovative center and UK based Stilwell Innovation Enterprises, Ltd were founded. Stilwell Innovation Enterprises committed to foster projects docking and economic cooperation in China, the United States, Britain and other EU countries and help enterprises to seek opportunities for cooperation in financial, energy, infrastructure, health, high technology, education and other fields. Currently, Li Xi, along with Stilwell Innovation Enterprises, has set up subsidiaries and offices in the United States, Britain, and Chongqing, China in order to speed up project implementation.  In the meantime, Stilwell Innovation Enterprises worked with Chongqing foreign economic and Trade Commission and Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission to jointly set up Stilwell project team, that is, by the lead of government units, to carry out each project and undertake it to the end.

Following Li Xi's lead, the Stilwell Innovation Enterprises reached cooperation intention with a number of enterprises and government agencies since its establishment :Cambridge Institute of technology, MIT, Boston University, Harvard Business School, the European JB Capital Clean Energy Group, government of Northern Ireland, Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, Ping An Trust Limited liability company overseas investment division, Ernst & Young, Guohao law firm and Chongqing Liangjiang Group and Chongqing foreign economic and Trade Commission.

Furthermore, the Enterprises has successfully promoted the international cooperation of these following projects: Spain wind power station , Harvard Medical School synthetic platelet, Canada waste rubber recycling desulfurization technology, Ireland city infrastructure, New Times Securities, acquisition of US banks and financial institutions , world's largest amusement park company -JRA ,Kids ‘R’ Kids, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, acquisition of India’s auto parts manufacturing factory.