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Ke Yinbin

Ke Yinbin, Senior Research Fellow at Center for China and Globalization (CCG).

Dr. Ke is a Research Fellow at Tsinghua University Research Centre for Technological Innovation, Council Member of Chinese Association for International Understanding, Member of the Editorial Board at "Think Tank: Theory & Practice", Member of China International Contractors Association Experts Committee, Member of One Belt One Road 100 Experts Committee, and Member of International Special Committee at China-EU Political and Financial Research Centre.

Dr. Ke has ten years of rich experience in think tank management and research work. His previous positions include Director and Assistant Director of a business think tank, Zhibo Research Institute, and Secretary-General of The Charhar Institute, a non-governmental think tank on diplomacy and international relations.

Dr. Ke brings more than 15 years of experience in corporate strategy, multinational corporation research and management. He was Executive Director and Strategic Consultant of listed companies. He has published 9 books, such as Diversified Management of Companies, Review of Chinese Enterprises: Strategy and Practice, Path to Champion: Design and Implementation of Niche Strategy, Strategy and Management Comparison between Chinese and Overseas Companies and Ten Case Studies on Cross-border M&A. He also published more than 150 articles on journals such as Management World (Monthly), Economic Science, Science Research Management, PKU Business Review, CEIBS Business Review. From 2010 to April 2016, he devoted himself to the research and practice of public diplomacy and was the co-author of Introduction to Public Diplomacy, City Diplomacy: theory and Practice, Public Diplomacy in China and Southeast Asian Countries. He also published many articles for paper and online media such as CEIBS Business Review, Southern Daily, The Paper and China.org.cn.

His main research areas include think tank strategy and management, Multinational Corporation and public diplomacy, and theory of collective modernization.