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Dai Zhikang

Zhikang DAI

Chairman of ZENDAI Group


1964  born in HAIMEN,JIANGSU province

1985  graduated from Renmin University of China, majored in International Finance

1987  graduated from PBC School of Finance

1987  Secretary to president of China Citic Bank

1988  Representative of Dresdner Bank in Beijing

1990  Department Manager of Hainan Securities Company

1992  organized China’s first public fund company - Fudao Funds,as GM

1992  founded ZENDAI Group

Chairman Mr. Dai Zhikang is granted with awards such as:

2015  Outstanding Individual of Financial Innovation

2010 Outstanding Private Business Owners Contributing to Building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

2008 China Charity

2008 Outstanding Individual in Earthquake Relief Effort

French Knighthood Honor, etc.


He has also published many articles and scholarly papers, including The Compromise between Civilizations, The Strategic Position of Shanghai after WTO, Challenge and Opportunity: Opening of the Capital Market in China, and Cultural Shanghai: What to Bring to China in 2010.