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Dai Feifan

Feifan Dai, or Devin, is the Founder and CEO of BestMeet. Mr. Devin is a successive enterpreneur who has found and co-invest in lots of enterprises. Mr. Devin is the Founder and CEO of HangZhou BaiQi Technology,LLC; Founder and CEO of BaiQi Private Equity ,LLC; Founder and CEO of Yixing Yulon Clay Technology,LLC;Head of HuTuXian Clay Gallery;Partner of BlueSky Capital Company as well as co-founder of American Global Eduvisor Lnc.

Mr. Devin is also a social activist who holds a post in many social organizations. He is the council members of Center for China and Globalization(CCG);Core members of Western Returned Scholars Association Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars;Vice president of Dai Clan…

Mr. Devin has always been enthusiastic about the public welfare undertakings .He was the Spread Ambassador for The 26th Summer World University Games in Shenzhen China, excellent group leader in  the Happy School organization which help and care for behind children in Sichuan China . And he is also the outstanding volunteer in many provinces and cities in China.