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Chen Ning

Chen Ning, Doctor degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology,specially appointed experts from recruitment program of global experts, previous IC director of ZTE corporation; Dr. Chen Ning once designed and created the order set for the first vector processors,  achieved the best single-core processing power globally, and provided the exclusive commercial chip solution for unmanned aerial vehicle HD video transmission based on 4G-LTE technology. Dr Chen has accumulated extensive experience in ICT product design, R &D and international team management, he led the Freescale team in designing the 4th generation 4G-LTE  Multimode terminal baseband chip, and acted as chief representative to participate in the LTE international standard creation. He has commanded nearly 30 authorized international patents(Among them 13 have been purchased by Apple), over 20 international works and papers, and acted on the technology committee of 7 IEEE international conferences.

Additionally he acts as a review expert team leader for the global experts recruitment program, reviewer expert of China Bureau of foreign experts, director of  the Chinese Association of Young Scientists And Technologists, expert of Pearl River Delta planning, Executive Vice President of Shenzhen high level talent Association, Executive Vice President of Western Returned Scholars Association in Shenzhen,Executive Vice President of haigui start-up college of Western Returned Scholars Association, and act on the Standing Committee of Political Consultative Conference of Long gang District ; Dr. Chen also assisted in introducing GIT to Shenzhen and set up the first fulltime US college partnership program in 2013.

Professional experience

2014-08  to present         Founder & CEO     Shenzhen Intellifusion Technology Co. Ltd

2013-07  to 2014-07      Technology Director      ZTE(TX) Inc.

2009-05  to 2013-06      IC director  ZTE Corporation

2005-06  to 2009-05      Senior system architect   Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

2002-01  to 2006-05      Research assistant ( PhD)   Georgia Institute of Technology

2000-08 to 2001-12       Research assistant(Master  degree)   New Mexico State University

1997-07-01  to  2000-07-10    Teacher        Shanghai Jiaotong University


Educational experience

2002-01-18 to 2006-05-25       PhD in EE  Georgia Institute of Technology

2000-08-28  to 2001-12-25   Master in EE  New Mexico State University

1993-09-01  to 1997-07-15  Joint bachelor's degree in EE and  accounting for foreign affairs

Shanghai Jiaotong University