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CCG Wishes You A Happy Chinese New Year and All The Very Best!

Tuesday,Feb 12, 2019

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Dear CCG Friends,

As the Chinese New Year holidays approach and families gather together to reflect on the past year and express their hopes and wishes for the year to come, here at CCG we do the same. We thank you, our members, followers and readers, for always being there throughout the past year, following and pushing us to achieve more, we look forward to seeing and working with you next year. From myself, and everyone at CCG, we wish you and your loved ones a happy Chinese New Year and best wishes for the year ahead!

Looking back over the past year we celebrated the momentous anniversaries for the country and CCG, with China commemorating the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-Up and CCG paying homage to its ten-year journey. The last year saw CCG receiving many accolades recognizing our efforts and achievements. In the 2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index released by the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP), CCG again ranks among the top 100 think tanks globally and the top nongovernmental Chinese think tank for a second consecutive year, marking a total of 14 categories. We were also granted “Special Consultative Status” by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, becoming the only nongovernmental Chinese think tank to have such coveted status. A landmark achievement for CCG over the past year was the Central government’s official launch of the National Immigration Administration, a project CCG has promoted throughout its ten years’ history of policy advocacy.

CCG representatives had attended and contributed to numerous high-level international forums over the last year, such as the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. CCG also had two of its proposed initiatives elected to the Paris Peace Forum established by French President Macron and we attended the Berlin Forum at the invitation of the German Embassy of China and Körber Foundation. CCG led two delegations to the US in May and September of last year, cultivating track II diplomacy options, meeting with representatives from U.S. think tanks, Congress, Senate, business and industry circles in efforts to help ease the trade tensions across the Pacific. We also cemented ourselves as the leading proponent for China’s accession to the CPTPP, having released CPTPP, New Opportunities for China in Future Free Trade, a timely report which attracted much attention from Beijing circles.

As we look forward to the year ahead, it is ensured that CCG will continue to uphold and fulfill its mission to “advise government and build consensus among the people,” and with your support drive forward in our core research areas of globalization strategy, global governance, enterprise internationalization and global talent, striving to bring our projects and pursuits to fruition across the board. In 2019, we’re also set out to host our flagship events – the fifth China and Globalization Forum in April; the fourth China Global Think Tank Innovation Forum; and the sixth China Inbound-Outbound Forum in November.

Our achievements would not have been possible without your constant support and attention. We welcome you to visit our official website http://en.ccg.org.cn/ or follow our official WeChat account (ID: GlobalThinkTank) to keep up with CCG’s latest work and endeavors. We also welcome you to attend our events or visit our Beijing headquarters if you’re interested in getting to know us more and exploring opportunities to collaborate. As we say farewell to the past year and welcome what awaits us in the New Year of the Pig, CCG sincerely thanks you and wishes you all the best and every success in the year to come!

Center for China and Globalization (CCG)


CCG2019New Year Reception 

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Center for China & Globalization(CCG)is a leading Chinese non-government think tank based in Beijing. It is dedicated to the study of Chinese public policy and globalization. Boasting a strong research team, it enjoys an impressive record of publications and events with broad public policy impact.

In the “2017 Global Go To Think Tank Index” by the University of Pennsylvania Think Tank and Civil Society Program (TTCSP), CCG ranked 92nd of the top think tanks worldwide, representing the first Chinese independent think tank to break into top 100 in history. According to the index, CCG is currently the highest ranked independent think tank in China.

Two well-known scholars, Dr. Wang Huiyao and Dr. Miao Lu, founded the CCG in 2008. Today near 100 in-house researchers and staff serve this thinking hub with subsidiaries and divisions spanning across China including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Hong Kong.

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