CCG releases its list of “40 Influential Returnees in 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up”

Saturday,Dec 22, 2018


On December 22nd, 2018, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), China Global Talent Society and Service Alliance of Chinese Returnees released “40 influential Returnees in 40 years of Reform and Opening-up” at the 2018 China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference and the 20th Guangzhou Science and Technology Chinese Overseas Talent Exchange Conference, to recognize the 40 selected returnees and the incredible contributions they made throughout the last four decades of China’s reform and opening-up. This is the fourth consecutive year that CCG and China Global Talent Society jointly released the list in this area.


The 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up presents an ideal opportunity to highlight the work and dedication of 40 individuals who either utilized their overseas education to kick start their careers or incorporated their overseas experience into their trajectory towards success. The 40 returnees rose to the top of their respective fields not only through the opportunities available to them, their own dedication and efforts, but their achievements also owe much to China’s opening-up.


The list is compiled according to a multitude of factors and seeks to represent a diverse group of returnees who each gave a unique and impactful contribution to China and the field or industry they engage in over the last 40 years. Long Yongtu, Wan Gang, Fu Chengyu, Wang Shi, Wang Boming, Wang Junfeng, Wang Huiyao, Zhang Lei, Deng Yaping, Lu Mai, Yang Lan, Li Xiaojia, Tian Suning, Bai Chunli, Lv Siqing, Zhu Min, Xue Lan and the others 27 returnees feature in the list due to their significant contributions across the fields of politics, academia, scientific research, business, finance, medicine, investment, education, information, public welfare, literature, art and sports.


The 2018 China Overseas Talents Exchange Conference and the 20th Guangzhou Science and Technology Exchange Conference for Chinese Overseas Students was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the European and American Students Association (China Overseas Students Association), the Guangzhou Committee CCP, Guangzhou Municipal Government, and co-sponsored by 29 cities and municipalities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing.

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