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Happy New Year for 2019: Greetings from CCG

Saturday,Dec 29, 2018




Happy New Year for 2019: Greetings from CCG
Dear CCG Friends:

First of all, we want to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year of 2019 from Center for China and Globalization(CCG) here in Beijing and thank you for all the great support you have for CCG in 2018!

2018 was a year of tremendous impact for China and Globalization. The existing global order was undergoing a stress test, as geopolitical divisions were deepening, multilateralism as a way of cross-national cooperation was waning, global economic recovery was fragile, and most unfortunately, the world’s two largest economies – the United States and China, came to a perilous moment of trade conflict. At home, the whole nation took stock of how far we have come on the journey of Reform and Open-up with our eyes set on challenges and headwinds that lie ahead of us. 2018 has been an eventful year for CCG. It is the year we celebrated our tenth anniversary while we forged ahead to reinforce our commitment to promoting globalization and China’s role in it. 2018 is now behind us, on this occasion, we would like to report to you our progress in 2018 and highlight our achievements.

Dr. Edwin Feulner (center), founder of the Heritage Foundation, hosted a lunch welcoming the visit of CCG delegation on Sept. 27, 2018


Kenneth Weinstein (center), president of Hudson Institute, and Mike Pillsbury, the China expert named by President Trump “the leading authority on China” hosted an event featuring the launch of CCG report China-US Trade Relations and Challenges: Past, Present, Future and Policy Options and a panel discussion on Sept. 26, 2018


Dr. Wang Huiyao addressed an American audience drawn from Washington circles at Hudson Institute on Sept. 26, 2018


CCG Secretary General Dr. Miao Lu was invited as the only Chinese speaker to speak at Doha Forum.


CCG has been granted Special Consultant Status from UN in 2018


CCG was invited to attend Paris Peace Forum where over 60 heads of state and world leaders gathered

CCG has been named the most influential think tank in 2018 by China News Week Magazine

Research and Publications

1, Produced more than 60 research reports and projects in the core areas of global migration, China’s global talent acquisition, global trade and investment, and global politics and governance

2, Submitted 195 policy papers on pressing issues and long-term trends with many of our recommendations gaining direct attention from the central leadership

3, Published 13 monograms and edited volumes in the Chinese and English languages with top publishers at home and abroad such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Press and Springer.

China-US Relations

1, Published 3 major reports focused on the trade conflict which provide in-depth analyses of the trade issues and recommendations to reduce tensions

2, Launched report China-US Trade Relations and Challenges: Past, Present, Future and Policy Options upon invitation at Hudson Institute, the Washington-based think tank having the ear of President Donald Trump

3, Led 2 visits to the United States, meeting with representatives from US elite intellectual and industry circles in Washington D.C. and New York to foster mutual understanding and trust

4, Organized numerous seminars, symposiums, and roundtables featuring stakeholders and prominent figures in the bilateral relations to cultivate track-two options, including: deputy assistant secretary of commerce Alan Turley, former undersecretary of state Robert Hormats, former assistant secretary of state and vice president of Asia Society Daniel Russel, former USTR Michael Fromman and Susan Schwab, former deputy USTR and vice president of ASPI Wendy Cutler, former deputy USTR and former WTO director-general Rufus Yerxa, Hudson Institute. CCG also hosted the premiere showing of the Sino-US Peoples exchange movie “Better Angels” in Beijing where US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad attended the ceremony. CCG also was invited as an opening ceremony speaker together with US Consul General Mr. Kurt Tong for the Exhibition of American Traders in China-A Century of Trade (1874-1900) in Hong Kong.

Policy Advocacy

1, Contributed directly to the official launch of the National Immigration Administration through years of research expertise and advocacy for China’s inbound migration

2, Made policy proposals and suggestions to the government and international institutions on global affairs and international Trade issues to promote the global liberal order and free trade

3, Proposal to establish a supranational entity - World Talent Organization Alliance selected by Paris Peace Forum, a high-level international conference inaugurated by French President Emmanuel Macron

4, Proposal to establish a supranational entity - World E-Commerce Alliance also selected by Paris Peace Forum, a rarity for an organization to win multiple spots

5, Won “Special Consultative Status” by the United Nations Social and Economic Council

Consensus Building for Reform and Open-up

1, Published a series of 40 years review books in China to foster social consensus for Reform and Open-up

2, Successfully held 2 flagship conferences: China and Globalization Forum and China Inbound and Outbound Forum and other consultation sessions where we gathered business leaders from China’s private and foreign businesses to interact with MOFCOM officials to voice concerns and formulate solutions

3, Continued to draw new members to our advisory council that consists of leading business entrepreneurs from China’s outward-looking sectors

Awards and Recognition

1, Became the first Chinese non-governmental think tank to break into the top 100 think tanks worldwide in history in “2017 Global Go To Think Tank Index” by the University of Pennsylvania Think Tank and Civil Society Program (TTCSP)

2, Featured prominently in “Belt and Road” Big Data Report by the State Information Center and the Academy of Sciences’ China Think Tank Impact Report 2018

3, Joined the “Think Tank Alliance for US Studies” under the Ministry of Finance as a founding member

4, Awarded China Newsweek’s “2018 Think Tank of the Year”

5, Named “Best National Policy Consultation by a Chinese Think Tank” by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

An era of unprecedented change and transformation for China and the world is dawning on us. As we reflect on the progresses we made in the past year, we must not rest on our accolades, in fact we must be even more diligent in our pursuit for excellence. 2019 will bring a multitude of challenges as the whole world is heeding with abated breath the pulses of the Chinese and global economies, and most importantly, the future trajectory of US-China relations. As the next year ushers in the 70th anniversary of founding of the People's Republic of China and 40th anniversary of Sino-US diplomatic relations, the somber outlook on the health of our economy and our relationship with America will require us to draw on the experiences and lessons learned during the past four decades and to tackle difficult debates. CCG has been blessed with tremendous support from all walks of life. We would not have been able to achieve the milestones we are celebrating without your dedicated involvement. Neither can we realize our 2019 goals without our rededication to our cause. The coming new year is an opportunity to renew our collective commitment to an open and prosperous China. With deep gratitude, we wish you all the best and every success in the year to come!

Center for China and Globalization

December 31, 2018


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