Rising Tide: Forty Years of Chinese Enterprises Going Global

Wednesday,Sep 26, 2018



Rising Tide: Forty Years of Chinese Enterprises Going Global was compiled by CCG President Dr Wang Huiyao and CCG General Secretary Dr Miao Lu, and published by China Social Sciences Press. This book reviews and summarizes the 40-year journey of Chinese enterprises and globalization; it points out ten "casting off" paths for Chinese enterprises going overseas, and puts forward corresponding suggestions according to the challenges commonly faced on the road of enterprise globalization. The publication of this book aims to be a guide for future Chinese companies wishing to “go global”; contributing crucial research and statistics on globalization of Chinese enterprises, this book is of great significance to the future development of the globalization of Chinese enterprises.

  • China Daily Cover Story: Digital Eminence

    China’s digital economy is now bigger than the entire economies of the United Kingdom, France or Italy and more than eight times that of Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria. The impression of the scale of cyberspace in the world’s second-largest economy was what many took away from the 4th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.

  • 【Xinhua】Foreigners see promising opportunities in China

    Miao Lyu, secretary general of the Center for China and Globalization(CCG), a Beijing-based think tank, said that the mobility of science and technology talent, the core of innovation, across borders is expanding, and the competition between countries to attract talent is intense.

  • 【China Daily】10 suggestions to resolve China-US trade dispute

    US President Donald Trump inked a memorandum March 23 to impose punitive tariffs on imports from China. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce reacted with retaliatory measures against US products. The tensions between the world’s two largest economies immediately rippled through markets and countries across the globe.

  • 【China Daily】Wang huiyao: Import expo marks new economic era

    CIIE affirms China’s embrace of trade as a positive force that can create benefits for workers and consumers in all countries.

  • Harvey Dzodin: US should be working, not warring, with China and others

    US President Donald Trump is on record saying that “trade wars are good and easy to win” and that he’s a “very stable genius.” With his imposition of 200 billion US dollars in tariffs on Chinese exports to the US effective this past Monday, we can conclusively add these two statements to the thousands of documented fake “facts” that Trump has made.